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Moving Tips

Below is information on tips that will help you facilitate a smooth and positive move. If you need additional information regarding your move, please contact us.

Helpful Moving Tips

At times, moving can seem like an overwhelming task, but if you plan and organize carefully, you can have a very smooth move. Make your move easier by getting rid of all the stuff that you’ve accumulated that you don’t really want. You can have a garage sale, give stuff to family and friends, or donate it to charity. If you are moving over a long distance, the cost of shipping may be higher than the cost of replacement.

Let friends and relatives know you are moving. Submit change of address forms to the post office. Inform the tax authorities. Arrange documents for changing kids’ schools if necessary. Arrange disconnection and reconnection of utilities and telephone service. Transfer banking to new location and return all library books.

Now it is time to take an inventory of everything you will be moving and figure out how big a truck you will need if you are doing it on your own. Try to plan how you will transport your possessions sensibly.

Start packing by keeping a notebook and a checklist for all the things you will need to do in the process of moving. Put a number on every box you pack and write down the contents in your notebook.

Also, designate a color for each room in your new home and put corresponding colored stickers on each box you pack. Label all boxes containing fragile items appropriately with large letters. Put all important documents in one place and keep them with you. Also try to keep valuables with you, such as collectibles, china and jewelry.

Get more boxes than you think you will need. Get strong plastic packing tape. Pack rarely used items or out of season items in advance so you don’t have to pack everything at once.

You should designate one box for essentials such as plates, sheets, towels and toiletries. Label the box “essentials”. You should load this box last, and unload it first. To keep the weights of boxes consistent, pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. Use wardrobe boxes. They are perfect for large, lightweight items such as pillows and blankets as well as clothes that need to remain hanging. Also use your luggage.

Remove all bulbs from lamps. Put pictures in boxes between sheets, towels or blankets. It’s a good idea to use bubblewrap for mirrors and paintings framed in glass. Be sure to stack plates vertically. Remember to keep related items together, such as extension cords with appliances. Safely dispose of flammable liquids.

When moving, you should have your pets stay with a relative or friend. Moving is never fun, but if you follow all these basic rules of moving, chances are you will have a smooth move.

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